Petra Waldherr-Marty, M.D., FMH orthopedic surgery and traumatology of the musculoskeletal system, was trained in Bern, Zurich and Los Angeles. Her most prominent teachers and mentors were Prof. R. Ganz, Prof. Ch. Gerber, Dr. S. Snyder, Prof. R. Hertel, Prof. H. Nötzli and Dr. R. Nyffeler. She is specialized in the shoulder and elbow joints. Before she continued her career at Suva and later in private practice, she was an orthopedic senior physician at the Zieglerspital. She is a member of the Swiss Society for Orthopedics, the Bern Society for Orthopedic Surgery and the FMH. Dr. Waldherr is a SIM medical expert and has a Master of Business Administration in Medical Management. Nonetheless her main avocation is clinical medicine. She is competent and sensitive; and is very much appreciated by the patients.